1820 – 1830

The Cato Street Conspiracy  -  (Arthur Thistlewood)  -  Muhammad Ali (Northern

Sudan)  -  The Congress of Troppau (Holy Alliance)  -  Greek Independence

(Treaty of Adrianople)  -  West Africa (Colonisation)  -  Monroe Doctrine

(James Monroe)  -  John Quincy Adams (diplomat)  -  First Anglo-Burmese War

First Anglo-Ashanti War  -  Simon Bolivar (South and Central America)

Industrial Revolution  -  Decembrist Uprising (Tsar Nicholas I)  -  Sir Robert Peel

(police force)  -  Daniel O’Connell (Ireland)  -  William Cobbett (Rural Rides)


Charles Lamb

(Essays of Elia)

William Hazlitt

(Table Talk)

John Clare

(Rural Life)

Thomas de Quincey

(The Opium Eater)

Fenimore Cooper

(Last of Mohicans)

Alessandro Manzoni

(The Betrothed)

Venus de Milo

(Island of Melos)

John Constable

(The Hay Wain)

Jean Ingres

(Louis XIII)

Eugène Delacroix

(Chios Massacre)

R.P. Bonington

(sea & landscapes)

John Audubon

(Birds of America)

Charles Sturt (SE Australia)

Clapperton, Oudney, Denham

(Central Africa)

Bellingshansen & Weddell

(Antarctic Circle)

William Parry (Arctic)

Jean François Champollion

(The Rosetta Stone)

Gottfried Ehrenberg


Hans Christian Oersted


André Marie Ampère


Georg Simon Ohm

(Ohm’s Law)

Augustin Fresnel

and François Arago

(theory of light)


(first photograph)

George Stephenson

(Active - Locomotion)

Franz Schubert (lieder)

Felix Mendelssohn (Fingel’s Cave)

Carl Maria von Weber (Freeshooter)

Richard Bright (nephritis)

Charles Bell (nervous system)

François Arago (planets)