Daily Courant: front page of the first issue. Considered to be in the public domain – Dome: available by courtesy of the Canadian artist Bernard Gagnon. Licensed under Creative Commons – https://


The first English newspaper, the Daily Courant, is issued in London in 1702.

America's first newspaper, The Boston Newsletter, a weekly, is issued in April

1704. The first evening paper, The Evening Post, is published in London 1706.

1703: the city of Tokyo in Japan is struck by a massive earthquake.

In 1706 the English mathematician William Jones

(1675-1749) introduces the symbol for pi r squared

in his Synopsis palmariorum matheseos.

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In 1704 the fop Beau Nash becomes Master

of Ceremonies at the fashionable resort of Bath.

In 1707 the last eruption of Mount Fujiyama in Japan takes place.

is mentioned as a recreation in Chamberlayne’s State of England of 1707.

The first recorded inter-county cricket match between Kent and Surrey is held at

       Dartford two years later. By this time a code of laws had been drawn up.


The first fairly accurate map of China

is made by Jesuit missionaries in 1708.

1709: The Magnolia tree is introduced into England from Japan.

Inx1709 the Italian perfume designer Johann Maria Farina produces his "eau de cologne".

In 1710 the dome of St. Paul's London, is completed,

bringing to an end the work of rebuilding the

cathedral, begun by Christopher Wren in 1675.

Inx1711 the clarinet is played for the first time in an orchestra.

In the same year, the English trumpeter John Shore is said

to have invented the tuning fork.