1862 – 1880

1862  –  1867

The American Civil War  -  The Second Battle of Bull Run  -  The War at Sea

Mexican Advenure (Napoleon III)  -  The Battle of Gettysburg (Gettysburg Address)

The First & Second Schleswig Wars (Denmark)  -  The Confederate Surrender

(The Reconstruction) -  Abraham Lincoln  -  The War of the Triple Alliance

(Paraguay & Solano Lopez)  -  Austro-Prussan War (Battles of Sadow & Custoza)

Transatlantic Cable (Field & Thomson)  -  Fenian Uprising  -  Second Reform Act

The Alaska Purchase  -  The British North American Act (Dominion of Canada)

Austria-Hungary (Franz Joseph)  --  Karl Marx (Das Kapital and Friedrich Engels)

1862  –  1867

1868  –  1873

1868  –  1873

Queen Isabella of Spain  -  Third Carlist War  -  Cuban Revolt  -  The Shogunate

(The Bosh War and Satsuma Rebellion)  -  The Suez Canal  -  The Union Pacific and Union Pacific Railways  -  The Franco-Prussian War (The Battle of Sedan)

Otto von Bismarck (Krupp Works)  -  The Unification of Italy  -  The Siege of Paris

The Unification of Germany  -  The Treaty of Frankfurt  -  The Paris Commune

The First and Second Anglo-Ashanti Wars

1874  –  1880

J.C. Maxwell


Gregor Mendel

(science of genetics)

Henri Fabre


Lewis Carroll


Christine Rossetti

(Goblin Market)

Louis Pasteur

(germ theory)

William Thomson

(Lord Kelvin)


Alfred Nobel


Victor Hugo

(Les Miserables)

Goncourts (Journal)

Paul Verlaine

(L’Art poétique)

Arthur Rimbaud


Ivan Turgenev (The Idiot)

Stéphane Mallarmé

(Symbolist Movement)

Walt Whitman

(O Captain! My Captain!)

Lewis Carroll

(Alice in Wonderland)

Fyodor Dostoevsky

(Crime & Punishment)

Karl Marx (Das Kapital)

Winslow Homer

(Eight Bells)

Édouard Manet

(Déjeuner sur l’Herbe)

Edgar Degas

(Woman Ironing)

Joseph Lister

(antiseptic medicine)

Robert Whitehead


Leo Tolstoy

(War and Peace)

Jules Verne

(science fiction)

Richard Blackmore

(Lorna Doone)

Algernon Swinburne

(Songs before Sunset)

Anna Sewell

(Black Beauty)



William Morris

(interior design)

Edward Burne-Jones

(stained glass)

Ford Madox Brown

(The last of England)

William de Morgan

(ceramic tiles)

James Whistler

(art for art’s sake)


Claude Monet


Pierre Auguste Renoir

(Seine at Asnières)

Alfred Sisley

(Flood at Le Port-Marly)

John Singer


Henry Morton Stanley


Pierre de Brazza

(French Congo)

Gustave Nachtigal

(Sahara und Sudan)

Nikolai Przhevalski

(Central Asia)

Dmitri Meneleev

(chemical elements)

William Crookes

(Crookes Tubes)

Charles Darwin

(The Descent of Man)

Ernst Haeckel (“ecology”)

Herbert Spencer

(survival of the fittest)

Léo Delibes


Camille Saint-Saens

(Samson & Delilah)

Gabriel Fauré


Philip Speakman Webb

(The Palace of Art)

Heinrich Schliemann

(Ancient Troy)

1874  –  1880

The Suez Canal (Benjamin Disraeli)  -  The Battle of Little Bighorn (George Custer)

Queen Victoria (Empress of India & Delhi Durbar)  -  The Russo-Turkish War

(The Bulgarian Atrocities)  -  The Congress of Berlin (The Treaty of San Stefano)

Second Anglo-Afghan War  -  Anglo-Zulu War (Battles of Isandlewana & Ilundi)

End of Kaffir Wars  -  War in the Pacific (South America)  -  Ned Kelly (Australia)

American Outlaws (Wild West)

Camille Pissarro

(rural scenes)

Paul Cézanne

(geometric forms)

Johann Strauss (Blue Danube)

Strauss the Elder (Viennese Waltz)

Hans Christian Lumbye (Tivoli Gardens)

Georges Bizet (Carmen)

Pytor Tchaikovsky (Sleeping Beauty)

Modest Mussorgsky (The Mighty Five)

Bedrich Smetana (Bartered Bride)

Edward Grieg (Peer Gynt Suite)

Johan Svendsen (Romance for Violin)

Ole Bull (the Nordic Paganini)

Richard Wagner (Ring of the Nibelung)

Anton Bruckner (Seventh Symphony)

E. Humperdinck (Hansel & Gretel)

Johannes Brahms (Hungarian Dances)

Joseph Joachin (String Quartet)

Max Bruch (First Violin Concerto)

Thomas Hardy

(Return of the Native)

Alphonse Daudet

(Letters from my Mill)

Mark Twain

(Tom Sawyer)

Louisa May Alcott

(Little Women)

Mary Elizabeth Dodge

(The Silver Blade)

Joel Chandler Harris

(Uncle Remus)

Henrik Ibsen

(The Doll’s House)

Jons-Karl Huysmans

(Against the Grain)

Guy de Maupassant

(Boule de Suif)

William Booth

(Salvation Army)

Thomas Barnardo

(Children’s Homes)

Giovanni Schiaparelli

(Mars & Canals)

Caves of Altamira


Alexander Graham Bell


Thomas Alva Edison


Joseph Wilson Swan

(light bulb)

George Westinghouse

(War of the Currents)